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In the realm of streaming TV and music services, individuals opt to pay for ad-free experiences, yet they find themselves besieged by online ads they’ve mastered the art of ignoring.  Furthermore, measuring ROI with digital advertising has become too complex in nature. 

Thus, the question arises: How can one differentiate themselves in this competitive advertising landscape and receive a positive ROI? The solution lies in truckside advertising.

Your Brand In Motion

Advertising on trucks offers a multitude of compelling advantages.

  • Trucks are constantly on the move, providing your brand with widespread exposure across various locations and demographics.
  • Highly cost-effective compared to traditional stationary billboards or other forms of advertising.
  • Complete flexibility and customization. You have the freedom to design eye-catching and creative advertisements that suit your brand’s identity and message. Whether it’s a full wrap or a partial display, you can tailor the advertising space on the truck to align perfectly with your marketing goals.
  • Incredibly high impact and recall value.
  • Real-time tracking measures impressions, revealing the location where each impression originates.

About Freight Resolutions

Freight Resolutions, LLC, based in Texas, is a pioneering Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising Specialist, offering a unique and innovative marketing channel through Fuel Tankers. As an OOH Media Owner, we connect brands with fuel transportation carriers, providing them with a creative canvas to reach prospective customers. Leveraging real-time impression-based metrics, we empower brands to measure ROI effectively in diverse markets and submarkets.

Wrap & Roll

1. Wrap: partnering with a preferred signage vendor in a desired market, Freight Resolutions will oversee the entire tanker wrapping process. You send us your creative and we manage the wrap installation process…You pick it and we stick it.

2. Roll: We install a beacon tracking device and your brand is a rolling billboard while being measured in real-time

What does it mean to be measured in real-time?

Freight Resolutions partners with Movia utilizing their patented Beacon technology. Each truck/trailer will have a Beacon installed. An impression will be created each time a cell phone that is either WIFI or Bluetooth enabled comes within 90 ft of the Beacon. 95% of all smart phones are WIFI or Bluetooth enabled, if the phone does not have Wifi or Bluetooth enabled, an impression will not be measured.

You will receive weekly & monthly impressions reports so you can see what markets & submarkets received the most visibility of your brand.


Fueling Sales with Data-Driven Insights

As a leading gas station and convenience store chain in Texas, Fuel City is always looking for innovative and effective ways to reach our customers and build brand visibility. Freight Resolutions offered us a simple yet effective solution: tanker advertising with insightful analytics. 

Their innovative approach allowed us to utilize a fleet of fuel tankers as moving billboards, showcasing our brand across Texas’s high-traffic routes and urban centers. Utilizing patented Beacon technology, we were provided with an analytical edge that traditional advertising channels could not offer. With Freight Resolution’s help, branded tankers transformed into powerful tools for brand visibility and engagement. The real-time impression-based metrics provided by the beacon were a game changer as they allowed us to track the effectiveness of our campaign with unprecedented accuracy and clarity.

Furthermore, the tanker advertising became a topic of conversation among our customers. The captivating visuals and strategic placement of our branding made a lasting impression, enhancing brand recall and reinforcing Fuel City’s position as a leading destination for fuel and convenience shopping.

Our experience with Freight Resolutions has exceeded my expectations. Their innovative approach to tanker advertising, combined with precise and real-time analytics, has set a new standard in outdoor advertising. We are grateful for this partnership and the remarkable results, and we look forward to future collaborations.

– Joseph Bickham, Fuel City CEO


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